Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I Believe All Lives Matter

You know, I don't quite get it. I walked into Walmart today and on the way in, a young man who's skin was darker than my own was walking out. I smiled and said, "How are you doing young man?" He smiled back and said, "Good thanks. How are you?" "Good thanks for asking." I replied as we both kept walking our own directions.

Inside Walmart, I went to the Deli and there were two customers ahead of me, with 3 gals working, one latino, one white and one very thin darker skin than the rest of us. The later of which was helping another customer, a white lady with her horde of "childrens" and the latino gal was helping the other middle aged white male customer.

I walked to the side where the darker skinned thin gal was and she turned to me in the middle of weighing in her customers order and said, "Did you need something?" I said, "Well I only have a question at the moment, do you have Olive loaf?" She responded, "We sure do." I said, "Ok, thanks. I didn't want to stand in line if you didn't have it." and then went back in line.

The lady in front of me apparently having a big order yet to fill, so she told the same young lady to go ahead and help me with my half pound order of $1.96's worth of Olive Loaf. I thanked both the lady customer and also the worker.

How difficult is it to be nice to one another instead of trying to kill off one another, no matter your skin color?

Yes, I have serious issues when folks are killing each other off for stupid crap. Black on black, white on black, black on white, white on white and the same goes for all the other races and combination killings going on out there.

Bottom line, is if you are nice to me when I've been nice to you, there should not be a problem, unless you have a warped brain and hell bent on killing others.

Then I have a serious problem with you and do not even want to be around you or have you near me or anyone I care about, family, friend or neighbor and even strangers you are trying to murder, cause pain and grief, because you are the one having issues and you need to deal with it yourself or get professional help in dealing with your issues without hurting others.

Below is one such event I went through with an ex-coworker of mine.

I worked with a darker skinned than I, guy who was nice as could be, he had a girl friend, then got married and they had a baby. All seemed fine and well.

Later I left that job and was at a local gas convenience store getting gas in my Dad's vehicle. I went inside to pay before I pumped and next thing I know, my ex-coworker comes in screaming my name and begging me to loan him $20 for gas because he needed to get to North Carolina (from Virginia, where we were at the time) because of an emergency.

He was frantic to get the money for gas, but explained I had just enough for dad's vehicle. I went on to say, if I had cash of my own I would give it to him. He said, "I know you would if you could and I appreciate it." He then ran off frantically begging others for funds to put gas in his vehicle.

I paid for the gas for Dad's vehicle and he was still in the store begging money and I asked him what was going on and he finally broke down and told me what happened.

Next thing I know, Police cars come rolling in, lights and sirens, officers assuming the "Felony Stop/Arrest" stances because his vehicle was parked at the pumps, guns drawn, yelling and total chaos with officers running around outside.

I told him, that he needed to think about what he was doing and to surrender peacefully because if he tried anything the cops might be forced to take lethal actions if he did not.

He was ready to run and try to escape and I flat out asked him, "Do you want to die today?"
His response was, "No, I don't want to die today or any time soon."

Obviously and rightly so, he was scared to death for the charges they had against him, involving the death of a child in their care.

I told him, he needed to face it like a man. The good man I knew him to be. He went on to explain he nor his wife had anything to do with the death of the child.

"What should I do?" he pleaded with me.

I told him to peacefully surrender himself to the police, do not talk or answer any questions no matter what they ask or threaten because you have the right to remain silent. Get a good paid lawyer (court appointed lawyers rarely do a good job because they are not being paid and there are a few exceptions), even if he had to beg or borrow from family or friends and tell his lawyer the 100% truth about what happened. Report any and all physical abuse to his lawyer and let him/her handle it.

I asked if he would like me to walk out with him to surrender himself and he said yes, so I walked to the door with hands in the air, pushed open the door slowly and said, "The man you are looking for is in here and wants to surrender himself peacefully to you. He does not have any weapons on him and has handed them over to me and are in my possession at this time."

The officer instructed us to come out with hands on top of our heads, so we did. Me first with him following behind me or so I thought.

It was me alone, because he hid as I started walking out the door, because he was petrified.

The officer said, "Are you the suspect or the friend of the suspect? We need to know who the suspect is and where he is!"

"I'm the friend/ex-coworker." I said as I turned my head to look and said, "Well he was behind me. Let me go back in and talk to him and get him to surrender himself."

The officer told me no, but I wasn't having any part of that, saying "Don't shoot! Please don't shoot me! I'm going back in to bring him out peacefully!" and walked backward to the door and went back in. No shots fired at me for disobeying the order (thankfully!!) and heard the officer in charge saying hold your fire, stand down, do not fire.

Back inside I said, "What happened dude? We were there. So close to being resolved peacefully." "I'm so scared, I just can't." he said.

"Yes you can. You are a man and the man I know is not a coward and would not cower down like this." I assured him. "Lets get to our feet, our heads up and walk out there like men (even if we are scared shitless), fingers laced on top of our heads and I'll face the music with you during this whole process." I demanded.

Finally on his feet, I told him to stay behind me and we would walk out together this time and he did.

I did turn my head a couple times to make sure he was following behind me this time and at one point he said, "You don't have to keep looking, I'm still behind you this time and I know you are trying to do what is right and best for me."

We continued out the door and into the parking lot, now following officers instructions to the "t".

With hands on top of his head, he turned with his back to the officers and got down on his knees. Crossed feet and legs as instructed and waited for the officers to put the cuffs on him, which they did peacefully and without resistance.

The officers also put me through the same process of turning around, getting on my knees (back when I still could), crossed my legs and feet and then officers approached me as well and put me in cuffs just to make sure they had the right person cuffed.

Both still alive and breathing, him in the back of the cruiser and me still in handcuffs as well.

The officer escorted me, still in handcuffs inside the convenience store (where I had instructed everyone inside to stay back and away from his weapons and not to touch them, where I had him place them on the counter) to show him where the weapons he had were. One was a bowie knife he always wore on his belt and a very beat up old hand gun he carried in his waistband.

After placing the weapons in a bag, the officer asked me, "Do you know why you are still in handcuffs?"

I said, "Well. Yes, I guess I do. Because I disobeyed your request not to go back inside after him and to make sure you had the right person in custody."

"That is correct. Don't ever disobey an officers orders or you could be shot." he continued.

To which I said, "And if I had not disobeyed your order and he hadn't come out peacefully, he would probably not be breathing right now would he?"

"Look, I understand what you are saying and where you are coming from, but we could have shot you for disobeying our direct orders." He continued.

"I had a better chance of not being shot, because I am a white man and explaining what I was doing and what I was going to do to resolve the situation, telling you not to shoot and please do not shoot because I am going back in to bring him out peacefully, where as if he had done so, being a black man, surely would be dead as a door nail right now pushing up daisies. It was the only option to keep my ex-coworker alive and to resolve this situation peacefully." I said.

The officer finally conceded that I was doing the best for all concerned, the ex-coworker, as well as keep the patrons/staff safe as well as the officers and onlookers outside, but just wanted to make sure I knew the chances I took, to resolve the situation peacefully, without incidents from either side and without life being taken.

Believe me, I was fully aware of the chances I was taking to resolve this situation peacefully for all.

He took the cuffs off me and I told the officer I only knew him (ex-coworker) to be a good guy, hard worker, funny and fun loving and enjoying life kind of guy, got married not to long ago and they had a child after they got married. From what I knew, life was good and going well for them and never knew of any trouble or him being in any trouble.

The officer gave me contact info so I could check on the ex-coworker and I gave him my phone number to give to the ex-coworker to call me if he needed too.

The ex-worker called from jail the next day and thanked me for all I did for him and to help resolve the situation peacefully and him still alive and breathing, because he didn't know what to do because he was so panicked.

Long story short, (yeah I know, its already long) my ex-coworker's employer paid his bail/bond and lawyer fee's once he knew the full story of what had happened. The charges were later dropped because someone in the complex they lived in confessed to the murder of the child in their care.

After all of this, he called and thanked me again for all I did to help him that day and for everything I did since then to help him get through it and what to do.

Some of the other officers at the scene told me I was batshit crazy and at the same time had balls of steel and hope if they ever found themselves in similar situation, they hoped for a friend like me to stand with them and for them as I did my ex-coworker.

I'm no one special. I fight for the underdogs, be they family, friends or strangers unless they are trying to do me in.

I'm just a "getting older" white guy who doesn't care about the color of your skin. If you are a good person, treat others good and respectful, then I'll be your friend for life.

Treat me bad, screw me over, threaten or try to kill me? I won't care what color you are and the gloves will be off.

That said, I believe in "All Lives Matter!" We all need to be good to each other, help each other and make everyone's lives better. Lets all make a real and good difference in this crazy world we all live in.

Shout Out! Marcus (Suffolk, Virginia you were driving truck for disposal company at the time) if you are still alive and kicking let me know. I've moved so many times, changed numbers, lost contacts it would blow your mind. Had no other way to contact you after that. If you know Marcus or recognize the story/information here, please let him know I'd like to hear from him and to find out how he is doing now.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Attention Google! Google's Blogger/Blogspot Naming Platform Has Been Severely Neglected

Today I would love to publicly ask Google to address a problem I have found within their blogger/blogspot blogging name platform.

Basically, they have so many abandoned blogs that have been sitting idle for years, even decades with zero activity they could purge and allow new owners to register and make active again.

I can't tell you how many times I have gone to http://**************.blogspot.com (*** is whatever title I chose) only to find out the owner hasn't posted a single post since way back in the 1990's, 2000's, or even the 2010's.

The blog is just sitting there idle and has been for in some cases a decade or more.

I think it is pretty safe to say that these blogs are officially abandoned.

By that I mean, the owner could have passed away (sadly), the owner is not or has not been interested in blogging since the last post was 5, 10 or more years ago, the owner forgot or couldn't be bothered about the blog (instead of just deleting it) and doesn't know how to delete it from their account or they are just totally sitting on the blog url to keep others from using it.

You would think Google would do a vastly better job of monitoring these dead, blank and non-active blogs to purge them from their possibly deceased, no longer actively or totally blank blogs.

Yes, I understand some people take a while to set up their blogs and even post on their blogs. I'm guilty of that as well, but I'm not going to sit on a blog name/url for 5 or more years and not post a darned thing. If I don't utilize the blog within 30-45 days I delete the blog and regroup until I am ready.

Google, I know I am not the only one who has encountered this very same frustration from the Blogger/Blogspot naming platform. Although I am probably the first to blast you for it via my Blogger/Blogspot blog.

Knowing how "touchy" you folks are at Google (from my own personal experiences) I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you deleted my blog for calling you out in the spotlight for this issue.

There is absolutely zero reason you can not set up some form of monitoring/software that alerts the bloggers account email if they fail to make the blog active (by posting something to it) with 30 days or their blog will be deemed unused, unwanted or abandoned and will be removed from their account permanently after those 30 days.

Thus, freeing up blog url's others could register and potentially make Google additional profits through an active blog and by using other Google products, such as Adsense and the other tools Google offer.

It only makes good business sense for you to clean up the dead/abandoned, blank and non-active blogs that have been sitting idle, blockading others from turning them into successful blogs on your platform.

I encourage and implore you to create monitoring staff or put monitoring software in place to find these blogs (more than 1 year old (from today's actual date) that are abandoned, inactive or blank with zero activity in that same time frame or older), notify the owners account if they do not respond within 30 days or with no activity on the blog within 30 days their blog will be removed from their account, wiped clean and placed back into the available names to register a blog name by anyone wishing to register the now "freed" blog name.

If you need examples some of these non-active/abandoned or blank blogs, I can certainly do so.

http://shinethelight.blogspot.com/ - 9 years of abandonment. No activity since December 9, 2007!
http://walkingpath.blogspot.com/ - 7.5 years of abandonment. No activity since November 5, 2008!
http://glimmerofhope.blogspot.com/ - 13 years of abandonment. No activity since February 19, 2203!
http://lightmyway.blogspot.com/ - 11 years of abandonment. No activity since April 27, 2005!
http://pathoflight.blogspot.com/ - 10.5 years of abandoment. No activity since August 24, 2005!
http://liftedburden.blogspot.com/ - Zero posts and using the old format blog styles so we know that is totally abandoned!
http://forksintheroad.blogspot.com/ - 11.5 years of abandonment. 1 post on September 15, 2004 last comment post in 2006!
http://forkintheroad.blogspot.com/ - Zero posts. Old blogging format.
http://brambles.blogspot.com/ - 15+ years of abandonment. No activity since October 23, 2000!
http://bramble.blogspot.com/ - Zero posts.
http://barethecross.blogspot.com/ - Zero posts.

Need I continue?

These are just the one's I looked up today and this doesn't even touch the one's (hundreds of them) I researched prior to this. Think needle in the hay stack with all of these abandoned name urls which could be made available for bloggers to actually use.

Rant over.

Monday, May 9, 2016

The Only Person You Can Count On To Help You Is You

The struggles are real.

The mistakes are harder and more painful.

People will promise you the world yet rarely deliver or come through when you need it the most.

I'm not saying others aren't doing their best, but what you think is best and what they think is best will most always be two completely different ends of the spectrum.

Its not their fault because you are the one that knows the needs, inside and out.

You may be angry because they don't fully understand exactly where you are or what you need at the time you need it.

I know I have been, but having stepped back a little, I can't fault them for not aiding in my rescue from purgatory.

I'm still struggling to find my feet currently, let alone stand on them, but I'm doing my best and that is all we can do sometimes.

Heaven knows it isn't enough to sustain or live on, but two weeks ago I was able to cash out $30 from one survey site and today I topped the requirements for a payout of $50.

$80 is nothing to brag about, unless your as broke as I am and then it becomes equivalent to getting a winning scratch off ticket from the lottery.

That will pay almost 3 full tanks of gas toward my trip back to West Virginia, where I plan to plant my feet solidly back in the mountains, valleys and hollers permanently.

Taking the words of one of my Great Aunt's, she always said,

"These things happen whether fast or slow and you just have to pick yourself up by your own bootstraps and keep moving on."

She was right of course.

I made my bed, as it were, but I am not staying in it.

I'm picking myself up by my own bootstraps and grasping for opportunities that actually pay, not me paying to join an opportunity that never works for anyone except the people who created the opportunity.

I'm not saying I have it all worked out or that it will work out according to my plan, but it will through God's plan and God's time.

Let me be clear however, I am totally grateful to all who do and are trying to help me in this process, be they family, friend or complete strangers.

I've eaten all pride (well most of it anyway) in this experience.

It is definitely not a good feeling, but a necessary one to move forward and get on with my life.

It truly is up to us, to count on and rely upon ourselves and not have to rely on others to get us through.

Yet another one of my many life mistakes and another lesson learned.

Rely on yourself, because you are the one who knows your needs best, especially when the one's treating you badly want to keep you down and under their control.

Always, always, always have a contingency fund stashed away somewhere safe (only you know where it is) so when bad situations arise, you can pack up and get out in a moments notice if need be.

If my experience motivates or inspires you, please feel free to like it, share it or comment.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Pain, The Invisible Illness Others Can't Or Don't Want To See

If you are like me and are in severe pain 24/7/365 days a year, then you can understand what I am going through.

The rest of the world looks at you like:

There is nothing wrong with you, get out of that chair, get a job, work and earn a living you free loading, entitled person you.

It has been said directly too me on several occasions, so for those of you who do not live with pain and you can't see pain, let me share some of my experience, living with pain to you.

Have you ever pulled your own teeth?


Well I have and it isn't much fun, but the relief afterward was so worth the pain I endure to remove them. I pulled 8 of my own teeth (at different times not all at once).

My lower legs, feel as though they are lead and the pains in them make me what to just scream most of the time.

The shooting and stabbing pains, at times

My knees are better known as the popular rice cereal "Snap, Crackle and Pop" and are both severely painful especially when trying to bend them to get down or back up.

I can get down semi ok, but getting back up is nearly impossible and the pain takes my breath away.

I have to climb up on things with my hands and arms until my knees are finally able to take over and finish pushing me up and there is various stages of pain throughout the process.

If there is nothing around for me to climb/push myself up on, I need someone to physically take my hand and pull me up and the pain from that is excruciating.

Employers don't want to hire you when it can take a few minutes for you to push through the pain, climb your way back up until you can stand again, not to mention walk or carry something to get back to doing your job.

I have a high pain tolerance threshold, but the pains I have push me beyond my limits and have for a long time now.

The pain I experience in my knees and legs, much like pulling my own teeth, makes me want to have them amputated, just to relieve the pain I feel on a daily basis.

Read that again and think long and hard how painful they are and that I've thought or wanted to have them amputated just to have relief.

I have severe neuropathy from diabetes of which since being diagnosed have lost almost 60 lbs since August 2014.

In addition to the weight loss, through eating healthier foods, I have also been trying to walk a mile each day.

Granted these last many months I have not been walking the mile per day since I was going to see my dad in the VA hospital and then nursing home as much as possible and also his getting ready for his funeral the week of March 20th through March
27th 2016.

This past weekend I made a trip to Virginia and back to Florida to put the remainder of dad's belongings in storage until I can finally get to move back home to West Virginia from Florida, hopefully within a couple weeks or less if all goes well.

You can't tell how a person is feeling (or any part of their body for that matter) just by looking at them.

Some people try their best to mask the pain (like I try to do) from others, because others don't get it or understand how much pain the person has or is experiencing or they say, "There is nothing wrong with you."

My blood pressure readings can tell you how much pain I have, like when it gets to 216/118 (my personal max).

I would not wish pain on anyone, including those who don't understand the invisible pain others have but they can't see it.

The next time you see or someone tells you they are in pain, take it from me and my own personal experiences, they aren't kidding.

For those "well bodied" folks, I'm thrilled for you that you have no physical pain, but just because YOU can't see pain or how much someone else is hurting doesn't mean they aren't in pain.

If you aren't helping solve the problem, then you are the problem.

Read more about Chronic Pain and illnesses which cause pain from WebMD.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Power Of Prayer And God Watching Over Me

Update May 5, 2016: Finally got the truck back about 3:45pm today. They replaced 3 studs and put on 4 new lugs which were completely missing. No charge to me obviously. Still so very thankful for the prayers & God's divine intervention!

I am so thankful God watched over me and dad's truck on the trip to Virginia and back and also for getting my friend and I to and from Tampa for his appointment yesterday. Well over 1,500 mile trip plus!

Everyone's prayers made the difference between my safety and what surely would have been a mangled wreck or possibly deaths.


I had the neighbor go with me to the store today because the truck started making serious noises and vibrating very badly.

I even pulled over and he (the neighbor) got out to see if the tire had a lump on it, but didn't see anything so we proceeded to the auto parts store to talk with them to see if we could figure out what was going on with it.

It was only when we came back out and started looking at the tires the neighbor discovered 4 of the 6 lug nuts were not there and studs were broken off and the other two lug nuts were loose!

I limped the truck back to the shop (a block away) where they did the balance, rotate and front end alignment just before dad passed.

They are ordering the parts to replace the damaged studs and lugs and will call me once the repairs are done.

I had even taken the truck back to have them check it out again because I was still hearing a popping/crunching noise after the balance, rotation and front end alignment was done. They checked it out again and said they couldn't find anything wrong.

Well, there was something wrong. Someone didn't tighten any of the lugs on the passenger side front wheel!

The guy from the repair shop called me to let me know they were going to have to pull the front end off in order to replace the studs and it was going to take them 3-3.5 hours to do the job and they were going to have to keep it over night and finish the repairs tomorrow since they were not going to be able to complete the repairs before closing time today.

Also thankful the neighbor was able to come pick us up in the meantime.

The guy from the repair shop also said that he would drive me and my neighbor home, but I explained he would not have to do that because I called the neighbor to come pick us up.

Thank you Lord Jesus for watching over me and keeping me safe and from harm! That wheel could not have stayed on much longer without a higher power keeping it on there!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Make Sure You Are Not Making This InboxDollar Mistake

If you are new to InboxDollars, I'd like to share this with you.

I learned this one, just a few days ago.

I had several "Paid Emails" sitting in my inbox, on the InboxDollars website.

It was for an offer from a well known "business card" printing company and if I had taken that offer, I would have lost $3.00!

I did get the $0.02 for "confirming the email" but I remembered seeing another offer from the same company in the "Offers" section (something like 12 pages you go and look through).

The deal under the "Offers" section was a far better deal, so I closed out of the paid email (after opening and getting my $0.02 for it) and immediately went to the Offers section and found the better deal and went through that link instead.

Instead of getting only the $2.00 deal the "Paid Email" was offering, I received the $5.00 offer by using the other link in the "Offers" listing from the same company.

Don't cheat yourself out of $3.00!

Always check the paid email offers against the website offers before you actually do the offer to make sure you aren't cheating yourself out of $$$ and a better offer.

Its just as good (better even) in your pocket as it is in theirs.

It really pays to do your homework, because you want the best deal possible and the most reward you can get.

We have to do all we can to help others in this world and that is what I am trying to do.

If this information helps you or you know someone who would benefit from this information, please Like it, Comment and Share it.

Sign up for InboxDollars here!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

In Times Of Trouble Stress & Grief Just Keep Going

I make no excuses for my "ugliness" these days.

I've come off the defensive side and landed full force on the offensive side.

I prefer not to be on the offensive side for a variety of reasons, but believe you me I can handle the offensive side as well.

Perhaps not eloquently in action or from the sharp tongue I've developed from what feels like the world closing in on me lately.

I'm being tested and let me tell you I am failing the test very badly.

There is, after all, only so much you can do financially when you have so little to do it with. I won't even go into the health and body issues going on, on top of all that.

I feel like I am being forced to make miracles happen out of impossible situations and I am not allowed to fail.

That said, beyond the financial issues, what I am talking about is the rotten people you have to encounter in this world who have you over a barrel and you will do or else lose all.

Currently I am being forced to spend more money I don't have to spare right now, to go get the rest of my fathers belongings.

Tomorrow my friend has a doctors appointment at the VA in Tampa.

As soon as I get back from that, I'll have to load up and head out for Virginia.

I will be stopping at my cousins house to sleep and head out on the last leg to Virginia Friday morning.

Saturday I have to pick up the rental truck to load up everything and move it to a storage unit there, since I can't afford to bring it back to Florida and then back to WV when I finally get to move back there.

I'm truly thankful for my ex-brother-in-law who is sending a guy to help me load up and put in all in the storage unit.

I don't think it will take us that long to load it all up and get it into storage.

At this point, once it is all on the truck I and my family will be done with her and her family and I thank God for that.

We should have it all loaded into storage quickly I hope and once done, then I'll have to get on the road heading back to my cousins house late Saturday evening/night and then head home first thing Sunday morning.

At least that will give me Monday to rest this body and the legs before having to take the friend to his next appointment on Tuesday.

I'm happy everyone else has money to burn, where I do not.

In the end, I pay double or triple because others can't wait a little while and force me to make the decisions I do.

One day these folks will be totally out of my life and for that I'll be glad and thrilled.

I'm sick and tired of having to bow down and take orders from the rest of these pains in my backside.

There usually isn't anyone I can't get along with until they tell me (by what comes out of their mouths or their actions) they think they are superior and everyone must bow to them and do what they want, when they want. I am sorry to tell you, you aren't God and you aren't Jesus even though you "think" you are God-like.

I may have to "endure" your kind of stupid, but only until I get dad's stuff moved.

Below is a conversation I had with my dad many years ago and I'll share it with you now.

Me: In the Bible it tells us to turn the other cheek.
Dad: Yes son, that is right.
Me: You can only turn your cheeks some many times before they become bloody and raw. What do you do at that point?
Dad: Your exactly right son. That is when you have to walk away from people and situations.

The moral of this conversation is, I will soon be walking away from these people and making them a part of my past because they have no place and don't deserve to be in my present nor in my future.

I will wash my hands of them the very second the last of dad's belongings are loaded on the truck.

I wish them no ill will, they will not be a part of my life after saturday April 30th but I will still pray for them.

I seek peace and harmony, not asinine people who's only purpose is to make everyone else's lives miserable because they are so unhappy with their own lives, must control everyone and everything.