Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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UPDATE: Due to technical difficulties tonights free webinar had to be cancelled.

Please sign up for the one next Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at the same times.

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Learn How To Copy & Paste To Earn Money At Home Online

If you need a better way to earn income and you want to do it from home and online, please keep reading.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Can All Opportunities Claim To Be Number 1?

Everywhere you look these days, people are shouting and screaming "they" have the newest, biggest and best opportunity on the market.

They all claim they are "Number 1" in the industry.

If you think like I do, ask yourself this.

"How can they all be Number 1?"

The answer is, they can't all be number 1.

It is a marketing strategy everyone uses to promote their opportunity.

Where some win and succeed, others fail and lose and vice versa.

Every opportunity is not right for every person on the planet.

They key is finding something that interests you. Something you can become passionate about.

If you are doing something you like or love, it makes working much easier and enjoyable.

This means you must do the work to educate yourself, go through all of the training information and learn everything you possibly can about how the opportunity works.

Follow your coaches, mentors and leaders guidance. Have regular discussions and ask questions if you do not understand or not sure how or what to do next.

If you aren't willing to put in the work, then more than likely you will not succeed.

Invest in yourself and your financial future. You are totally worth it!

Connect with me at any or all of my social media profiles below so we can begin building a strong personal relationship and even stronger business relationships in the future.


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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Social Media Marketing Do Not's

This morning while I was on Facebook and more particularly posting in one of the groups I belong too, someone decided that it would be great if they inserted their spam advertisement in the comment section of my post.


I immediately reported the comment as "Spam" and "Blocked" the person from being able to do so again.

I had no connection at all with this person (some lady from Lens, France) who was trying to sell me a mortgage in Euro's.


I live in the good ole U.S. of A and I deal in "Dollars" not "Euro's"

Can folks really be this stupid?

Sadly, the answer is yes.

I do internet marketing and this way is definitely NOT the way to do it. It is blindside marketing, unethical and no one wants to be hit up with advertising of this nature.

You first must have some sort of a connection or communication before just blasting your sales pitch willy nilly, all over the place at random.

If you find yourself engaged in this type of unethical marketing just stop now and learn how to market ethically today.

Don't be part of the problem. Be the solution!

Building relationships are key to your marketing and success. Connect with me at any or all of my social media profiles below and lets start building strong and ethical relationships today.


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Saturday, July 5, 2014

When The Heart Isn't Happy Neither Will Your Success Be

For many years and in truth decades really, I have pondered a great many things in this walk through life.

Why has my success been so limited or worse yet not very fulfilling when successes do come?

Why are others succeeding and I just stand here with the blank stare on my face?

I've given my all and failed miserably time and time again in my life.

You become disgruntled with yourself and as such you have a serious choice to make as to the outcome.

You can either choose to find a new path to bring you success.


You will continue to follow on that downward spiraling path to your doom and gloom, dread and misery and unhappy as well as unsuccessful place you will one day find yourself in, if you don't change your path.

The one very important thing I have learned, is this.

If my heart is not happy where it is, with whom it is with or whatever decision you are making, then that is not the path you want to take.

It's also called an inner voice, a.k.a. gut feelings or gut instincts.

Listen to them all very carefully in your life because there is something trying to guide you out of making the wrong decision(s).

I'll give you one example of me not listening to my gut instinct:

I moved to a new state where I knew no one (and I did not listen to my gut instinct telling me "DO NOT MOVE THERE").

Hindsight is a very clear 20/20, but by then its already too late.

You are left to "live with" the choice you made and try to make the best of it. An extremely valuable lesson learned the hard way in my case because I "overrode" the gut feeling I had even before the move saying, "It will be fine. It will be great. I'm starting over where I don't know anyone and the world will be my oyster."

I arrived with high hopes and great expectations. I'm starting over and its all going to be great I thought.

It took me nearly a month before I found my first part-time job working for a nationally know retail anchor store.

I lived in a tiny 20' RV travel trailer I was renting by the week and later on a monthly basis.

I was getting no where fast, but another opportunity presented itself, so I jumped on it.

I was now the general manager of the rv park I had been renting that crap hole of an rv trailer in.

I moved out of the rental rv into the the resident managers house/rv park office.

It was almost as bad as the rental trailer inside, but I had plenty of space to move around in again.

To myself, I thought, "Well, this is much better than what I had before, things are looking up."

It did not take long for the good thoughts to quickly be sucked out of me however.

There was train tracks about 50 yards away from the rear of the RV park and trains blasting their horns at every intersection all hours of the day and night, which I had pretty much gotten used too. The long term residents had as well to a point.

I worked hard at attracting new business, but the trains were the real issue and most would only stay one night and leave the next. I can't really blame them, but I still gave my 100% all.

I was giving an severely limited budget to work with as far as grounds and facilities were concerned. Maintenance on the rental trailers were to move folks out into another rental and then repairs would be make to the one they had been in, but they would stay in the one they moved too until something there broke and then they would move into a different one again. Great for the slum-lord owner of the rv park, but not the rental residents.

Six months into the job, things began to change in a more downward way.

Bad elements such as thugs, thieves and drugs moved into the surround neighborhood and ultimately entered into the rv park. Late night drive thru's knocking on people's doors asking if they wanted to buy some drugs where the complaints I was getting at first.

Next came complaints of being solicited by hookers.

The local police were useless and half the time never showed up when called, so I was left to deal with all the crap all on my own.

Well other than the very few that I came to trust who were look outs and would call and alert me to things going down.

I would go out and confront the idiots at the end of my loaded 12 gauge shotgun and give them two options.

The first to leave peacefully and never to come back


Second, they could find out what it was like to be shot and they may or may not live to regret it.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't quaking in my boots on several of those occasions, but I did what I had to do to protect the property and the residents since the cops did nothing.

The local municipality was dead set against the owner of the rv park and that is why the cops refused to come out to help me when I needed them. I found out all this much later.

The owner would buy tax sale properties, kick out the residents make shoddy repairs to bring it barely up to code and then sell it to some poor sucker who didn't know what they were getting and charged a much higher price and financed them himself instead of them having to get a bank load.

Also, the owner didn't care about the people living in those houses either who lost their homes in the tax sales. One incident which still is clearly in my mind is the lady who had cancer. She was unable to pay the taxes because all of her money was going to her cancer treatment.

He evicted the lady and put her on the street.

I was so mad when I learned this, that I went to the house to talk to the lady personally, because I wanted her to know that I had no part in what he did and that I would help her in anyway I could.

This is what sparked the cops, not to come when I called them because they were sticking it to the owner.

In other words I was being punished for the actions of the owner/landlord.

Life was hell I can tell you, but it was about to get even worse.

First let me say I have nothing against bikers, however I do have a problem with bikers who do not respect others or their surroundings.

A biker bar opened right next to the rv park. At first everything was cool and respect was being shown, but that soon ended as the bikers became more rowdy and the revving of the bike contests from midnight to 2:00am in the morning were just too much.

The complaints were rolling in daily and nightly from the guest. There was little I could do about it.

I did have a conversation with the owner of the biker bar and from there it just got worse and worse.

I finally reached the last straw after many nights of only an hour of sleep.

The owner showed up, I threw the cash box at him and told him to find himself a new manager. I rented a uhaul, packed up my stuff, bought my own used rv trailer and had it hauled to a different rv park 30 miles away in another town and left.

What a blessing that was, just to end all of that mess!

In the beginning it looked like a great opportunity, but it was actually a very bad nightmare in disguise.

I was just glad it was all over and I could try once again to start over.

Never ever, and I mean this, do not ever go against your gut feeling!

That was just some of the many things I went through before I was able to move out of that state.

If it doesn't feel right in your heart or your gut. Don't!

If you are in a relationship that is not working and has not worked in a long time, do not allow yourself to remain in something that is making your miserable. You deserve to be happy, just the same as everyone else on the planet.

When you are happy and helping others change their lives so they too can be happy, success will soon follow your in abundance.

It may be small or it may be big. It all depends on where your heart is and if it is truly happy.

Connect with me today at any or all of my social media profiles below.


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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Saving Money When Shopping Is A Good Thing

I don't know about you, but I need all the help I can get, when it comes to saving money.

Especially when costs and prices are outrageous enough already.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an app that could help us find the best and lowest prices?

Well there is such and app (available as a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome & Safari and also available for iPhone users).

I stumbled across it watching my local news station WTSP where you can read their article

It's called Invisible Hand and you can download them directly from their website.

Check it out!

If you find this a value to you, please be sure to connect with me at any or all of my social profiles listed below.


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Saturday, June 28, 2014

How To Work Through The Pain To Get To The Change

We've all been in dire situations in our lives.
  • Not enough income.
  • Decrease in income.
  • Total loss of income.

As you know, income is only one aspect of any number of dire situations we can find ourselves in.

A loved one or friend (or even yourself) becomes or is diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness.

You may or may not be able to (or even feel like) go in work if treatments degrade your life to the point you must rely on someone else (or they rely on you) for even the tiniest and easiest of tasks 24/7.

On top of all that, if you aren't able to go to work, you are not getting paid either.

You rapidly figure out that things have gone from bad to worse, because now you are dealing with all of the above, plus trying to figure out how to pay the bills, necessities of life, food, medical supplies, trips to and from appointments, procedures and hospital stays/visits and the costs associated with all of those things.

Then there is the recovery period and you can do some things for a short time, but you can't or don't feel well enough to put in 8 hours at work. Who could blame you after all you have been and gone through? Seriously.

Terminal illness and the passing of your loved one after all of the above, makes things even worse because you now have to deal with the loss, grief and end of life issues as well as unexpected financial costs.

A conventional job is not going to work very well for you, but if there was a way for you to work at home and online, doing simple and easy things to earn an income, what an amazing thing that would be.

Another dire situation is having your home foreclosed on. This is your safe haven for you and your family. Things happen that you are not able to pay the bills as scenarios above could bring about.

Divorce is another scenario which could bring you into more dire situations.

Obviously I can't list every dire situation scenario, but you get the idea.

The point is, we all need to plan ahead, investing all we can into ourselves and others and likewise they reinvesting in us to grow and build relationships, which in turn build us all up.

That is what I am here for.

Lets develop a strong personal relationship so I can teach you how we can build an even stronger business relationship together and to help others join us and do the same.

Contact me directly at any of my social media profiles listed below.


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